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Lotus Collection


This patio set is exceptionally balanced for playfulness and elegance. Its very unique round design allows for a close quartered intimate escapade. Enjoy a night entertaining, or relax for an evening of patio paradise.

Required space for a 10 pc sectional
(approximately): 12’ by 12’

Suitable outdoor space:
big size backyard, or medium size outdoor space
with a 7 pc sectional

All-weather 7mm resin wicker peel designed to
stay outside and easy to clean. Powder coated
aluminum frame will never rust. Coffee Table
comes with 5mm tempered glass.

Customer Comment:
“This set is very unique. I like the round design
of this ‘Lotus’ set. It fully utilizes my client’s
backyard space. People sitting in this set can
face each other and this brings them closer
in communication. I really love the idea of the
storage arm, too.”

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