Series 700 Description
The 700 Series hot tub line sets the benchmark of product excellence to its highest level. Top options, included features and our exclusive contoured, flexible seating arrangements make a 700 series hot tub our highest achievement in expertise and design since we opened in 1978.
The 740 has a big lounging bed that lets you stretch out to truly experience the restorative benefits of a Beachcomber. A digital management system activates lighting, changes water temperature and the massage jet pressure.

Model 740 Features

Seating Capacity:
Seats up to 6 people, plus one cooling seat.

89 x 89 x 38 inches / 226 x 226 x 97 centimeters

Dry / Filled Weight:
800 pounds / 363 kilograms / 4162 pounds / 1888 kilograms

Water Capacity:
403 US gallons / 1526 Liters / 336 UK gallons

Included Options:
EverLite 6 Moodlighting
Guiding Lite Step Lighting
ClearTech UVC Water Care System Ready
Hush Pump System
Reflex Foot Massage

Optional Add On Features:
Garden EverLite Package
Eclipse LED Mood Lighting
Quintessential Surround Sound Plus System
Quintessential Surround Sound System
ClearTech UVC Water Care System
Roman Arch Water Feature
Variety of Cover Lifting Systems

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Product Review

Happy to be able to write such appreciative words… besides my iPhone my tub is my most treasured possession! Mine is a two person and is 12 years old… I just took a picture of it in its new location now that it is up and running. I bought a house and moved it this past Monday and have been wiring and getting electrical to it. I have been 2 weeks without a tub and moving boxes to boot! I can’t wait to get in it tonight… thanks again!

Krissy K.

About the Manufacturer

Beachcomber Hot Tubs has been leading the world in manufacturing quality hot tubs since 1978, and they are devoted to contemporary industrial design in every form, from the simple functional features, to making the most energy efficient hot tubs in the world. In a Beachcomber you can spend quality time with your loved ones with no disruptions. Look no further than your own backyard for that private intimate location to connect with your spouse/partner. Can you see yourself in your own Beachcomber paradise?

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