Series 500 Description
The 500 Series hot tub line offers the ultimate expression of the Beachcomber philosophy, with simplicity in form, fit and function. With a spacious 580 hot tub down to a hot tub for two like the 520, there’s something for every buyer. The 500’s give you an affordable wide selection, in our collection of different sized hot tubs.
The 550 comfort lounger is always popular with its all-round size, design and combination of standard options. It offers benefits of a lounger with true length for all sizes of people. For those looking for the ultimate in home entertainment and relaxation, the 550 has been a Beachcomber Best Choice year after year.

Model 550 Features

Seating Capacity:
Seats up to 6 people, with a lounger, plus one cooling seat.

80 x 88 x 38 inches / 203 x 224 x 97 centimeters

Dry / Filled Weight:
650 pounds / 295 kilograms / 3820 pounds / 1733 kilograms

Water Capacity:
379 US gallons / 1435 Liters / 316 UK gallons

Included Options:
EverLite 6 Moodlighting
ClearTech UVC Water Care System Ready
Hush Pump System
Reflex Foot Massage

Optional Add On Features:
Garden EverLite Package
Eclipse LED Mood Lighting
Quintessential Surround Sound Plus System
Quintessential Surround Sound System
ClearTech UVC Water Care System
Roman Arch Water Feature
Variety of Cover Lifting Systems

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Product Review

Hi, I figured I would let you know that after having the hot tub for 2 months our kids still use it at least 7 times a week. When the weather was hot we put the temperature down in the tub and the kids used it to cool off. I figured I would get a hot tub now when my kids are still smaller and at home. Some days they go in 3 times. My 4 year old loves to play in the hot tub with her mermaid and fish. At night it is the best place to go to watch the hockey game. As you can see I have a few kids to fill our 738. There is still one missing as she is only 7 months old. Thanks so much for an excellent product…

John H.

About the Manufacturer

Beachcomber Hot Tubs has been leading the world in manufacturing quality hot tubs since 1978, and they are devoted to contemporary industrial design in every form, from the simple functional features, to making the most energy efficient hot tubs in the world. In a Beachcomber you can spend quality time with your loved ones with no disruptions. Look no further than your own backyard for that private intimate location to connect with your spouse/partner. Can you see yourself in your own Beachcomber paradise?

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